Things To Know About Geography

You can win some classroom or tavern bets with this information:

Which is greater, the height of the tallest mountain (Mt. Everest, in Nepal) or the depth of the deepest point in the ocean (the Mariana Trench in the South Pacific)? Everest is 29,028 feet. Mariana is 36,198 - just short of 7 miles deep.

The wettest spot on earth is Mount Waialeale (why-alley-alley), Hawaii, with an annual rainfall of 471 inches!

A tiny and very old country in Europe called Luxembourg is wedged between Belgium, Germany , and France. What is the name of the capital of Luxembourg? Why its Luxembourg!

The earthquake fault line called the San Andreas Fault, which runs through and threatens many cities in California, is part of a larger line called "The Ring of Fire" which runs in a circular path through the Pacific Ocean and includes Japan.

The largest Chinatown in an English speaking country is in San Francisco. Where is the Second largest Chinatown in an English speaking country? The answer is Vancouver, in Canada's British Columbia.

The highest human growth rate in the world is in Kenya, at 4% per year.
(The US rate is .8%)

So many Egyptians live along the Nile (it is greater than 90%) that if the Aswan Dam were to burst, all of them would die within 3 days. This fact was used by the Israelis to obtain a peace settlement with Egypt by threatening to bomb the dam.

The world's southern most city is Punta Arenas, in Chile.

The Angel Falls in Venezuela, thirteen times higher than Niagra, drops from Devil Mountain. Many think the falls were given a supernatural name, but not so. They are named for the American pilot - Jimmy Angel - who discovered the falls the only way they can be seen - from the air.

The Amazon Rain Forest supplies one half of the earth's oxygen! A good reason to preserve as much of it as we can.

Highest temperature recorded: 136 degrees F in the Sahara desert.
Lowest recorded temperature: -126.9 degrees F in Antartica, where the summer temperature averages 1 degree F.