For the Year 2005

Based on "hit" sheets and how close to the top they appear on Google,
these are the most popular pages accessed on the Hartman Web Site.

  • History Page - The Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age
  • History Page - Historical Origins of French Cuisine
  • Athens area Restaurant Reviews
  • Reader Tools: French Expressions Useful to Know
  • Sailing Page 7: Docking and Maneuvering Sailboats

    Those lead the pack, followed by (in no order):

  • Hilton Head Restaurant Reviews
  • Essay: Post Modernism - What Is It?
  • History: The Crusades
  • History: The Spanish Armada
  • History Page - Magellan's Place in History
  • History Page - The Gregorian Calendar
  • Humor Page - History Through Hollywood Eyes
  • Reader Tools 4 - Interesting Words/Phrases and Origins

    Click HERE to see what the list looked like in 2004.

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