2. Frequently Asked Questions About Other Things

1.) Which is the best college to attend?
(I get this question because I was a professor on the faculty of Yale University's School of Medicine.)

I think the best school to attend (for the undergraduate degree) on the basis of quality of education, prestige, beautiful surroundings, town and gown interaction, party activity, enthusiasm for sports, future contacts, and everything else which goes into the ideal "college education" is: PRINCETON.   (See * note below.)

Very Tough to get in, so my second choice would be WAKE FOREST. Not easy there either, so my third choice would be PEPPERDINE. Don't ask for further details. Go take a look.

2.) What have you learned, in one sentence, about the lessons of history?
(This question takes several forms, but this is essentially it.)

The lesson is: so much that is Good is contingent.

To expand: If A had not interrupted B, the result would have been C. I am so grateful that we in America draw our historical roots from the Greeks, because it came within a hair's breath of being from the Persians. And again: the assembly of unique persons which came together to create and ratify the US Constitution, has never been equaled in world history.

People make choices, many of them hard, many of them painful. We owe such a debt, but we can never repay it, except by repeating the dangerous steps those before us took. And I am not talking about any of that wimpy "leadership" we are getting from any contemporary members of the Democrat Party. (This is as close as I am going to get at a Blog.)

3.) What is the greatest threat to our American way of life?
(This question takes several forms, but this is essentially it.)

I had a short answer to this, but then I worked on it, and composed an Essay, in which I brought in the (prophetic) words of other Americans. You can read it by going .

4.) Do you have other websites?

I am responsible for several websites which I have created for other purposes. They have little or nothing to do with me. I have no "blog" site, no "myspace" page or anything similar. This is the only site in which you will learn anything about me. Why do I need more? - it will take you a century to go through what is Here.

* As I am fond of saying, I spent 7 years at Yale, but 100 weekends at Princeton.