What I Need to Perform:

A digital projector, a good screen, and control of the lighting. I will run my slides in Power Point from my laptop computer.
What size screen? It can be only 4 feet wide if the audience is under 20, but if I am speaking to 300, a 10 foot wide screen is needed. And that requires a decent projector able to cast sufficient light to fill a 10 foot screen which can be seen at the back of the auditorium.
I can also (sometimes) use music. A pair of speakers, one on either side of the stage, should be sufficient.
This is what you supply:
- A screen wide enough for the job.
- A digital projector with light output sufficient to brighten that screen.
- A light switch to control the room lights, or an individual who does so.
- A microphone and sound system.
This is what I supply:
- My own computer which contains the subject slide show, and runs it.
- Wires to the projector.
- If audio, wires to the amplifier/speakers.
- A light pointer.
- A live lecturer, funny when necessary, serious when necessary, and fully in command of the subject material.
This is my Method:
- I arrive with at least twice the material content needed to present the topic. If the alloted time is 45 minutes, with 15 minutes for questions, I can actually talk for 2 hours. Or more.
- I do not read from notes or cue cards - never have. (The arrangement of the slides provides for a beginning, middle, and summation of the topic.)
- I permit interruptions, unless they get out of hand. Most of the time that a person is bold enough to interrupt, there is good reason for it.
- I may move about the room.
- I may engage individuals in a "did you know.." interrogatory to add interest.
- With 30 years of live performance experience (as theater), 22 years of formal education, and 25 years in teaching mode, I am comfortable in my environment and know how to please the audience.

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